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dumpgenerator.avoidWikimediaProjects(config={}, other={})

Skip Wikimedia projects and redirect to the dumps website


Closing message

dumpgenerator.checkAPI(api=None, session=None)

Checking API availability

dumpgenerator.checkIndex(index=None, cookies=None, session=None)

Checking index.php availability

dumpgenerator.checkXMLIntegrity(config={}, titles=[], session=None)

Check XML dump integrity, to detect broken XML chunks


Extract only the real wiki content and remove rubbish


Trim redundant info

dumpgenerator.curateImageURL(config={}, url='')

Returns an absolute URL for an image, adding the domain if missing

dumpgenerator.delay(config={}, session=None)

Add a delay if configured for that

dumpgenerator.domain2prefix(config={}, session=None)

Convert domain name to a valid prefix filename.


Strip Unicode BOM

dumpgenerator.generateImageDump(config={}, other={}, images=[], start='', session=None)

Save files and descriptions using a file list

dumpgenerator.generateXMLDump(config={}, titles=[], start=None, session=None)

Generates a XML dump for a list of titles

dumpgenerator.getImageNames(config={}, session=None)

Get list of image names

dumpgenerator.getImageNamesAPI(config={}, session=None)

Retrieve file list: filename, url, uploader

dumpgenerator.getImageNamesScraper(config={}, session=None)

Retrieve file list: filename, url, uploader


Strip Unicode BOM

dumpgenerator.getNamespacesAPI(config={}, session=None)

Uses the API to get the list of namespaces names and ids

dumpgenerator.getNamespacesScraper(config={}, session=None)

Hackishly gets the list of namespaces names and ids from the dropdown in the HTML of Special:AllPages

dumpgenerator.getPageTitles(config={}, session=None)

Get list of page titles

dumpgenerator.getPageTitlesAPI(config={}, session=None)

Uses the API to get the list of page titles

dumpgenerator.getPageTitlesScraper(config={}, session=None)

Scrape the list of page titles from Special:Allpages


Return a cool user-agent to hide Python user-agent


Returns the wiki engine of a URL, if known

dumpgenerator.getXMLFileDesc(config={}, title='', session=None)

Get XML for image description page

dumpgenerator.getXMLHeader(config={}, session=None)

Retrieve a random page to extract XML headers (namespace info, etc)

dumpgenerator.getXMLPage(config={}, title='', verbose=True, session=None)

Get the full history (or current only) of a page

dumpgenerator.getXMLPageCore(headers={}, params={}, config={}, session=None)
dumpgenerator.loadConfig(config={}, configfilename='')

Load config file

dumpgenerator.logerror(config={}, text='')

Log error in file


Main function


Returns the MediaWiki API and Index.php

dumpgenerator.readTitles(config={}, start=None)

Read title list from a file, from the title “start”


Remove IP from HTML comments <!– –>

dumpgenerator.reverse_readline(filename, buf_size=8192, truncate=False)

a generator that returns the lines of a file in reverse order

dumpgenerator.saveConfig(config={}, configfilename='')

Save config file

dumpgenerator.saveImageNames(config={}, images=[], session=None)

Save image list in a file, including filename, url and uploader

dumpgenerator.saveIndexPHP(config={}, session=None)

Save index.php as .html, to preserve license details available at the botom of the page

dumpgenerator.saveLogs(config={}, session=None)

Save Special:Log

dumpgenerator.saveSiteInfo(config={}, session=None)

Save a file with site info

dumpgenerator.saveSpecialVersion(config={}, session=None)

Save Special:Version as .html, to preserve extensions details

dumpgenerator.truncateFilename(other={}, filename='')

Truncate filenames when downloading images with large filenames


Undo some HTML codes

Indices and tables